Andrew Merritt writes songs and performs them with spark and spirit.  He brings equal passion and commitment to supporting other artists on stage as a versatile instrumentalist on fiddle, mandolin, electric mandolin, and guitar.  “I love working with a singer to contribute an instrumentation and energy that serves a great show.  If you are the star, my role is to help you shine.”

Andy’s musical mentors in his teen years were  Kentucky musicians J.P. and Annadeene Fraley.  Andy’s early performances included traditional music festivals in Kentucky,  Ohio,  West Virginia,  and the National Folk Festival in Washington, D.C.   In Illinois, Andy worked with singer/songwriter Darrell Grant to form the country music  band American Grand.    Chicago’s Country Post magazine praised Andy’s “highly animated fiddle work” as an “outstanding facet” of that group.

After moving back to Ohio, Andy, toured with the Jenni Lyn Band (bluegrass), worked in the house band for the Central Ohio Opry (classic country),  and  contributed western swing fiddle to concerts and barn dances for Pete Shew’s Back Porch Swing Band.    Andy is focusing now on writing his own material.

“I enjoy the world’s music.  But I’m an American, so I  write Americana.  I’m awed by earth’s deep history, but I live after the (latest) ice age, so I will say that I perform Holoceniana.   My new songs have old roots.”   Andy